Tuesday, August 16, 2016

 When children have the chance to direct their own learning through play, they are able to address their own immediate and developmental needs and find activities that are most conducive to their individual learning styles." (Dr. Rachel E. White)

Welcome to Under the Maple Tree School.  We are deeply grateful and fiercely proud to hold this space for children and their families to learn, explore, experiment, tell stories, and become masters of expressing the bright gifts each of us brings to our world.

Our focus will be for children 3 years old through Kindergarten.  You will notice that we operate with two half day sessions.  We understand that half days only can be tricky and it was a serious concern as we discussed our hopes and dreams for this new school.  In the end though, we decided our priority was to create the finest preschool program we could imagine rather than providing full day child care. 

In addition to our Half Day Preschool, we will offer a PreKindergarten class in response to families looking for a play-based learning choice for their 5 and 6 year old children.  Students attending the morning class who would also like to attend the afternoon session are welcome to stay and have lunch at the school.

Families with a sibling younger than 5 years old who attend the morning class may also enroll the younger child in the afternoon class.  We will take care to make age-appropriate activities available (including space for nappers) and include younger children in all activities as they are able.  This will be evaluated closely to maintain the focus on deep experiential exploration of science and story for the more accomplished 5 and 6 year old learners.

Morning Preschool Tuition rates:  $400 per month for a 4 day a week schedule and $500 per month for a 5 day a week schedule. 
Afternoon PreKindergarten rates: $320 per month for a 4 day a week schedule and $400 per month for a 5 day a week schedule. 
We will not be able to offer a multiple child or multiple session discount but families choosing to have their child stay for lunch between class sessions may do so at no extra cost.