About Our Teachers

We employ only qualified teachers who have extensive experience and a passion for working with children. We exceed state regulated staffing ratios at all times during operating hours by maintaining no more than seven children per teacher. Children are always within a teacher’s auditory or visual range inside and both outside. Our parent company One Tree LLC is an active provider of Professional Development training and coaching for early learning providers in Washington State and all staff complete at least 10 hours of approved training each year. Staff training records are available for your review and are updated/reviewed monthly.
We have completed all Washington state licensing requirements when hiring staff members. Some of these include:
Criminal Background Check       TB test       CPR/First Aid training 
HIV/AIDS/Blood Borne Pathogen trainings        Fire Safety training
Safe Food Handling     20+ hours STARS training in Early Childhood Education, as well as additional, on-going trainings

Parent Teacher Cooperation
Our staff is motivated to make a connection with each and every family in our school community. We believe that a good working relationship between staff members and family members is essential to maintain open communication and to ensure a cooperative effort to provide the highest standard of care for your child(ren).

Parents/guardians have full access to their child(ren) at all times however, visits can often be disruptive to the program and the other children so please use discretion. No parent is allowed unsupervised access to other children. In accordance with Under the Maple Tree School policies, we assume that each parent/guardian of the child is entitled to pick up the child. If there are exceptions to this, it is the parent’s responsibility to inform our staff members and to provide legal documentation stating the specifications of parental access to the child. If any changes occur within your family it is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to update the staff on these changes.

It is expected that we will have many informal, spontaneous conversations regarding your child. In addition to this, it is extremely beneficial to schedule a short formal conference twice a year where we can go over your child’s progress and development. These are generally scheduled in October and March at a mutually agreeable time. In addition, each family will work with the teacher within 30 days of enrollment and annually thereafter to complete the CDC Developmental Checklist for their child’s current age.

Understanding and valuing various parenting styles and family systems with respect to boundaries and confidentiality is important to a successful school experience for you and your child. Our staff members understand that each family member is entitled to confidentiality and we will maintain confidentiality with all child and parent information, including but not limited to health information. We will make every effort to assist you with questions and locate resources if needed.